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Monday, 13 June 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 12 June 2016

Good morning everyone.

I consider myself to be fortunate that I am English rather than American. In a land of around 320 million, they can only find two people (I am reluctantly discounting Saunders who seems to be out of the race) to stand for election for the Presidency. What an awful choice remains! The screeching hysterical megalomaniac or the ranting, demented megalomaniac. Just goes to prove that in the political arena of the United States, money is infinitely more important than principle, integrity or even talent.

The war of words between the two camps of the In/Out EU Referendum debate becomes more acrimonious and will grow even more bitter as we move closer to Polling day. The chasms in the Conservative party (too wide to be called splits) appear to be terminal for a party which once labelled itself as the One Britain party. The Labour party on the other hand, has some differences of opinion on Brexit, but generally seems to support the “remain” option. Whatever the result of the referendum, it seems very clear that Cameron will be removed from office and we shall have a new Prime Minister. Even that however may be quite short lived and we face the prospect of an early General election, perhaps even before Christmas. The ramifications of the EU vote will be wide ranging and long felt.

Meanwhile, back in Jersey. The Condor Liberation, you remember that £50 million “flagship”, which I have written about previously, has developed yet another “technical problem”, with the engines causing it to run on reduced power, and thereby extending the crossing times between the mainland and the Channel Islands. Since going into service in only April of last year (and even the maiden voyage date was delayed!) Liberation has encountered a catalogue of “technical faults”, mishaps, collisions and delays resulting in a widely held view that the ship is jinxed. Surely the time must come when Condor are instructed to either dump this ship or loose the franchise.

Stories in the New Agenda on Sunday this week, include Badgers being shot and left as “road kill” victims, a Guardsman fainting at the Trooping the Colour ceremony, Cameron squirming during a BBC television interview and John Cleese backing Brexit, Something for everyone in fact.

The weather continues to confuse everyone. Warm and humid followed by wet cool. This weeks forecast is humid, sunny periods, very warm with rain and thunder, No mention of snow however.

Have a nice week.