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Sunday, 3 July 2016

An Open letter to the 172 people who supported the motion of "No Confidence" in Jeremy Corbyn

Would anyone reading this post who has contact with, or access to any of those 172 members of the Parliamentary Labour Party, who voted in favour of the motion of "No Confidence" in Jeremy Corbyn, please pass this open letter to them for consideration:

An open letter to those former Shadow Cabinet ministers who resigned their posts last week, and those 172 Parliamentary Labour Party members who voted in favour of the motion of "No Confidence," in Jeremy Corbyn.

The BBC News are reporting that, this morning (3rd July 2016), one of their reporters received an "unsolicited telephone call" from a former "Shadow Cabinet Minister" stating that the party was disintegrating and consequently pleading that Jeremy Corbyn should stand down as party leader. This added to the similar plea from Heidi Alexander also calling for Corbyn to resign. Over the past few days, since the mass resignations and confidence vote in fact, there has been a constant clamour from former shadow ministers for Jeremy Corbyn to stand aside and resign, all widely reported and even encouraged by sections of the media. It seems that this encouragement from the press and television, has only exacerbated an already alarming situation. Tom Watson has stated that he is not prepared to accept the role of challenger in a leadership contest and Angela Eagle is, as of today (Sunday 3rd July 2016), yet to declare if she will stand, but giving Jeremy Corbyn more time to "consider his position", while Owen Smith presumably waits for the situation to "clarify". I am sure that you would agree, that the present position is unsatisfactory for all those concerned, for our party and for the country.
You are all aware of the Labour Party Constitution and its rules for the selection and election of Party Leader. You clearly have sufficient numbers amongst your ranks to be able to meet the threshold for nominations supporting a particular candidate. Clearly, this impasse is causing untold damage to our party and to the country. The people of this nation will not quickly forget how, when the Conservative government is in complete disarray, but yet still able to force through measures which cause hardship and difficulties for our people, while the conservative party is fragmented but still able to propose even more austerity, cuts and tax increases, the Labour party was embarked on an exercise of self examination and acrimonious exchanges in pursuit of the position of its own leadership.
However, this predicament can be resolved in hours and we can then unite to oppose the conservatives in the House of Commons, in Council Chambers around the country and on the streets of towns and cities across the country. It is abundantly clear that the present leader has no intention of standing down and has stated that fact on numerous occasions over the past days. Indeed, there is no valid reason why he should take that course. On the other hand, you have indicated on numerous occasions over the past week, in the press and on television, that you are in the position of representing public opinion and large sections of the party membership. Under these circumstances, you are duty bound to launch a leadership challenge within 24 hours and bring this unacceptable situation to a speedy conclusion. There is no time for continued delay and uncertainty which is causing severe damage to our country and the economy. It is therefore your duty to declare your intentions and to bring this unhappy deadlock to an end.


John Yates