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Friday, 8 July 2016

Party membership increases as Jeremy Corbyn stands firm against the conspirators.


Jeremy Corbyn stands defiant after Labour membership surge

The latest blow to those MP's who are desperately trying to maintain their coup attempt, is Alan Johnson's Hull West and Hessle constituency, which has joined the growing list of CLP's around the country who have passed resolutions supporting Corbyn, in defiance of their sitting MP's public support of the PLP coup.

Angela Eagle, Alan Johnson, Hillary Benn, Stephen Kinnock, Tom Watson, Owen Smith and others are at odds with their Constituency parties, as they seek to remove Corbyn and it seems that they are even at odds between themselves in being unable to agree who would lead a leadership challenge of even if a leadership challenge should be launched at this time. The latest tactic appears to be a reliance on the "talks" to take place between the Unions and Tom Watson attempting to reach some sort of accommodation between the sides and avoid a complete split of the Party. Even this however, seems unlikely to resolve the matter. Both the Unions and the PLP have "red lines" in their respective positions. The PLP are determined to ensure the removal of Jeremy Corbyn and will not agree to any settlement which does not include that provision. The Unions on the other hand are extremely conscious of the degree of support amongst the party members and have consistently stated that the overwhelming mandate given to Corbyn in a democratic election around 10 months ago must be acknowledged and accepted and consequently Corbyn must remain as leader.
Against this background, the country remains without any opposition to the conservative government. A government which seems determined to press ahead with its programme of more austerity cuts and tax changes which will benefit only the rich and corporate interests to the detriment of ordinary people around the country. The Parliamentary Labour Party, and those elements of the media and business who are encouraging and supporting them, have been grossly irresponsible in launching their coup of 28th June, and now compound their duplicity by their selfishly motivated, but now discredited, insistence that Corbyn "stand down", an event which deep down they surely know will never happen. They bleat about the "good of the country" when all that they demonstrate is a compulsion to satisfy their own self serving interests and objectives.
This impasse must be resolved without delay and the PLP are essentially the only party which can resolve it. They have the choice. Either they must mount a leadership challenge now, or come together with us under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.