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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Guardian still pressing for Corbyn to resign as part of "peace talks"

Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet agrees to Labour peace talks


Heather Stewart and Rowena Mason, two of the Guardian "journalists" who, encouraged by the Guardian and its political position, have been agitating for the removal of Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party leadership for many months. 

The Guardian who have long been opposed to the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, are now reporting that the "embattled Labour Leader and his team are about to enter into formal negotiations" to bring about a brokered deal involving MP's, unions and the party's National Executive Committee" to ensure a "dignified exit" for the party leader. The Guardian further suggests that that Corbyn loyalists hope that these negotiations will be the first step towards a deal, with one "source" (anonymous as is usual for this paper) saying that the process could result in Corbyn stepping aside before a 2020 General election.

Now clearly, this would be the preferred course and solution for the PLP since it brings about the resignation of Jeremy Corbyn from the role of leader, which of course was always the objective behind their treacherous coup in June. The media too would be ecstatic, that their long running crusade of smear, innuendo and blatant untruth against Corbyn had finally resulted in his overthrow.
No matter what the time scale of his departure might be, whether it be next week or next year, the result is the same. The forces of conspiracy, lies, intimidation, and duplicitous treachery will have gained a victory and overturned the result of a democratic decision taken by the membership of the Labour party. How often in other places, have we seen a similar situation, where a minority have conspired to remove an elected leader, and with the encouragement and support of outside bodies have staged a coup?
Even if this report in the Guardian contained only a grain of truth, it would indicate that sincerity and democracy in this country is dead. It would enhance the view amongst many people that the "establishment" and its subordinate lackey's hold such power and influence that they will always be "in charge" and that all people are merely serfs to carry out the bidding of the masters without question. The dictatorship by the establishment would have arrived.
What then of the Labour party membership who elected Jeremy Corbyn with 60% of the vote only some 9 moths ago? These members, and more who have joined the party over the last few days, are standing side by side with Corbyn during this period of turmoil brought about by a duplicitous PLP who have no regard or respect for the democratic process. Supporters of the leadership have been organising rallies around the country to demonstrate solidarity and support for the leader, writing letters and articles calling for the PLP to launch a leadership challenge in accordance with the Party constitution rules.

It would be a complete betrayal of party members, and those outside the party who now support Labour since the election of last September, should Corbyn be blackmailed or otherwise forced to stand down from the leadership by some grubby little deal cobbled together in a back room as envisaged and proposed by the Guardian.

Jeremy Corbyn has consistently stated that he will not resign and that any challenge to his leadership must be mounted in accordance with the Labour Party Constitution. In this he has the overwhelming support of the party membership.