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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Tom Watson's Plan.The veneer of loyalty is finally discarded

Tom Watson calls on Labour MPs to prevent leadership contest

There is nothing different about Tom Watson's proposal for a "settlement". He is in fact, siding with the conspirators (perhaps he has been one of their number all along), in putting forward a plan for Corbyn to resign and thereby hand the Labour party to group of subversives who organised the putsch of last week. It was always the plotters expectation that Corbyn would stand down after the stage managed resignations. Then, when that failed to materialise, he would quit after the vote of "No Confidence". In this too, their assumptions came to nothing. They then had to face the disagreeable reality, that if they coveted the leadership, they would have to fight for it. This is where their duplicitous scheming began to falter, leaving them no option but to begin a war of attrition by "granting" numerous extensions of time, in order for "Jeremy to consider his position, and do the honourable thing by standing down", before they launch a leadership challenge, culminating in a ballot of all party members. In this option they have encountered their biggest and their most insoluble problem. In order to mount a leadership challenge, they have to find a candidate around which they can rally, a credible candidate who is not already tarnished with the image of a conspiratorial hypocrite. 

Their much publicised "dream ticket" of Tom Watson or Angela Eagle was blown out of the water when Watson ruled himself out of the frame and Eagle embarked on a "will she won't she" period made more complicated when her Constituency party came out in support of Corbyn. The 172 plotters (with no doubt their supporters in the media) now seem to be embarked on a bitter dispute amongst themselves trying to find a candidate around which they can all agree and have again extended their challenge deadline to Monday or perhaps even Tuesday of next week, to give Jeremy time to "consider his position". They still cling to the hope that they will have the leadership handed to them by the incumbents resignation.
Enter Tom Watson again. with his plan to avoid divisive battle through a "negotiated settlement" that would see Jeremy Corbyn stand down. There is nothing new in the "Watson Plan". It is just another tactic to bring about the resignation of the leader, and to rescue the Parliamentary Party conspirators from the predicament that they have brought upon themselves. We can only speculate on the motivation behind Watson's intervention at this time, but whatever his agenda is, he is only proposing the plotters preferred outcome of a Corbyn resignation.
The veneer of loyalty has been peeling away from Watson for some weeks. This latest intervention reveals that he, just like the rest of the 172 PLP members, is no more than a self serving opportunist masquerading as a peacemaker to end a coup which "could cause untold damage to the party".
Watson joins the hypocrites and liars dressed in a suit concealing his true identity.