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Saturday, 30 July 2016

It is a question of Democracy.

West Dorset Constituency Labour Party refuse to hold endorsement meeting.

Dorchester Branch members

The West Dorset Constituency Labour Party have received numerous requests from members calling on the CLP to hold a "special meeting" as provided for under the instructions issued by the party National Executive Committee cancelling all Constituency and branch meetings .Various "ad-hoc" meetings of CLP party members have taken place within West Dorset Constituency, to discuss the endorsement of candidates in the current Labour Party Leadership election campaign, but it is felt that the Constituency membership as a whole should be given the opportunity to express a collective view. The last response from the WDCLP was:
"The Executive Committee of West Dorset CLP are overwhelmingly against holding a meeting, with only one EC member in favour.
We will not therefore be submitting a nomination."
As the question of candidates on the ballot paper has now been resolved, it is considered that the WDCLP should reconsider the matter and call a special meeting of the Constituency Party to open the debate to all members of the Constituency.
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