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Sunday, 3 July 2016

The coup goes into a second week with still no sign of a challenger

Jeremy Corbyn: Party enemies must respect democracy

Angela Eagle's continuing delay in announcing her intentions, "to give Jeremy time to consider his position and stand down" has a very hollow ring having been repeated so often Watson has ruled himself out of a challenge leaving the coup organisers with only Owen Smith as a declared option to Eagle. It now is reported that a number of the 172 conspirators who voted in favour of the "No Confidence" motion are having second thoughts as the conspiracy descends into farce with the organisers fighting amongst themselves for a credible candidate to stand for the leadership. It is reported that these MP's now wondering if they have done the right thing, have already "put out feelers" to see if there is any possibility that they could return to the fold.

Angela Eagle and Owen Smith

Tom Watson has ruled himself out

The conspirators launched this coup with the expectation that Corbyn would resign within a few days if not immediately. They were wrong. They are rapidly running out of time, and now it seems even support from within their own numbers, to bring about a conclusion, as their coup attempt begins to crack and crumble around them. All that they can do is to repeat over and over again the now well worn cliché that, "Jeremy should resign and go with dignity". When all this is finally resolved, the conspirators will be faced with the unpleasant reality, that no one, party members or public, will ever believe anything they say again, nor will they will ever be trusted.