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Friday, 29 July 2016

The Hinkley Point C project should be abandoned

Hinkley Point C in fresh doubt after government delays approval

New Hinkley Point nuclear plant in doubt

The government has delayed a final decision on the Hinkley Point power station until "the autumn at least".
The announcement was made on the day that the contract with the French firm EDF, was due to be signed. Why, after all the euphoria of the past few days, has the government had this sudden attack of cold feet?
Perhaps the fact that similar projects is Europe are running £billions over budget and at least 5 years behind schedule, has something to do with it. The new power station at Hinkley point was always a bad idea, with cost, project delays and questionable technology being three of the many reasons for not going ahead with the construction.
Hinkley point is a bad idea and should be abandoned as soon as possible.