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Monday, 4 July 2016

The coup plotters are not interested in any peaceful resolution.

Trade unions can 'broker a peace' for Labour

No matter how many proposals for a settlement or suggestions for a peace deal may be put forward by Jeremy Corbyn or Unite or any of the other Trade Unions, the fact remains, that the 172 MP's who voted for the motion of "No Confidence" and their sponsors and supporters, have no intention to resolve this crisis. They have consistently demanded the resignation of Jeremy Corbyn from the role as leader and are continuing with that demand today, not withstanding the fact that they are unable to find even one from amongst their number to mount a challenge under the constitution of the Labour party.

It is abundantly clear, that they have no interest what so ever, in any settlement or any form of accommodation. It is also clearly their intention to inflict a final, complete and irremediable defeat of the membership of the Labour party, and to install the Parliamentary Labour Party to a position of dominance over the party, and to stifle any criticism or dissent from members in the constituencies.

I will mount a challenge, I will, I have the support, I will challenge

Angela Eagle continues with her now daily bleat to the assembled media, that Jeremy "should consider his position and stand down" and that she has the support of enough members already to mount a challenge to him very soon. The BBC and Sky news programmes then go on to speculate that a challenge could be mounted this afternoon, or perhaps tomorrow. This coup is losing credibility by the minute as their determination to oust Corbyn is overshadowed by their inability to agree on a candidate around which they can all rally. In the meantime, the party and the country continues in a state of limbo while these prima donna MP's wander around trying to convince people how important they are.

The are incapable of organising a coup, how can they be trusted to run a country?