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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Benefit sanctions reduce couple to stealing food.

Benefits cuts left couple just £8-per-week to live on

Karker Barker and her husband Paul
Paul and Kerry Barker

In the 1st part of the 21st Century, a couple steal food from Tesco waste bins, because their benefits have been sanctioned and reduced to £8 per week. An event not uncommon in the United Kingdom in Austerity Britain.
The conservative government and the ConDem Coalition government before them, are heaping pain and misery upon millions of ordinary people throughout this country and they are getting away with it.
These 21st century Robber Barron’s are getting away with this and other vicious and vindictive measures because 172 members of the Parliamentary Labour Party are more intent with advancing their own personal positions and achieving their ambitions than they are with the hardships and privations of those people who the Labour party represent and who elected them only last year. They are fixated with the desire to remove the current leadership and attack all in their own party who resist their scheming conspiracy and in consequence spilt the party.

We should feel unease at the plight of Paul and Kerry Barker and hundreds of thousands of others in the same or similar circumstances, but the conspirators within the PLP should feel nothing but shame for perpetuating the hardships that we should all be attacking.