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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Angela Eagle rapidly losing any credibility she may have once had.

Angela Eagle threatens to break Labour impasse with leadership bid

Another article from the Guardian, (again with no facility for the reader to leave comments), which emphasises their opposition to Jeremy Corbyn with the employment of "negative" reporting and misleading headlines.
The heading for this "story" reads: 
"Angela Eagle threatens to break Labour impasse with leadership bid" 
They then go on to devote 15 lines of the story to Angela Eagle, repeating the same, now well worn cliche's, that she has been spewing out with monotonous regularity for the past 7 days. (Jeremy should consider his position and resign. I will mount a challenge if he does not stand down. I will.etc etc ad nauseum)
Curiously though, the Guardian chooses not to mention that her Wallasey Constituency party continue to support Jeremy Corbyn and have written to her expressing that support.

The remainder of a rather long article, consists of a sideswipe at John McDonnell and a potpourri of random selected snippets all with the common theme of criticising Corbyn.
Now we all know where the Guardian's position on the Labour leadership stands. They supported Yvette Cooper in the ballot of last year and have been opposed to the present leadership since the result of the ballot was declared.
The scurrilous way in which the media, not least of all the Guardian, have covered this attempted coup against the leadership of the party is appalling and sinister. Moreover, the constant hounding of Jeremy Corbyn in the media and on television, shows the very unhealthy state of British journalism, where bullying and the use of intimidation,has replaced proper reporting.