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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Former head of BHS enjoys the life of luxury while former employees and pensioners face a bleak future.

Sir Philip Green having a whale of a time as BHS sinks.

The totally unacceptable face of capitalism. A £571 million "hole" in BHS pension funds, 11,000 BHS workers facing the sack and this wretched man and his family enjoy a life of luxury in the South of France. 

"Do you mind not looking at me like that, it's disturbing me,"

His appearance at the House of Commons Select Committee was a performance of arrogance, self satisfaction, greed, disrespect and complete indifference. We do not need to ask where all the money has gone. Green's lifestyle, his £100 million super yacht the latest addition to his fleet which already boasts, a speedboat, a helicopter and three yachts, as part of his transport collection, says everything about this loathsome man, who's family received hundreds of millions from BHS in dividends and rent.
Green has been accused by two Commons select committee of the “systematic plunder” of the high street chain and failing to address the deficit as he “accrued incredible wealth” for his family.

"Sir" Philip Green should be stripped of his knighthood and prosecuted.