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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Orchestrated smears released on the hour. The PLP sink to new depths of desperation.

The Parliamentary Labour Party resort to personal smear in their campaign to remove Corbyn,

How much lower can the conspirators of the PLP stoop in their wretched campaign of hate and smear against Jeremy Corbyn? 

Conor McGinn. "Corbyn threatened to ring my dad" 

In a day which has seen the orchestrated release of "bullying" smears, the conspirators of the PLP have exceeded even their own duplicitous levels of treachery last seen with the hourly resignations from the Shadow cabinet just a few short weeks ago. Today however, their campaign of sedition to oust Jeremy Corbyn has become more sinister, as their own interpretation of "bullying" has resorted to attacks directed at the individual on a spiteful personal basis.

Angela Eagle: "Corbyn allows a culture of bullying"

Having failed with their first plot of harmonised resignations to bring about Corbyn's resignation, they tried the tactic of a vote of "No Confidence", which also flopped when, again, Corbyn refused to step down. Now, having no real alternative but to mount a leadership challenge, the plotters were faced with the problem of finding a candidate to take on the role of "stalking horse" as nobody in the ranks of the PLP "big guns",had the courage or the backbone to take on the challenge.

     "Open letter" signed by 44 MPs, part of the orchestrated bullying smears against Jeremy Corbyn

Today has seen the launch of the last desperate throw to discredit Corbyn, in order to to gain some ground as they fall further behind in the arguments and in the credibility of their personalities.
However, they have chosen a most vile and despicable vehicle in which to advance their cause. The personalisation of their campaign will ultimately prove to be counter productive, as throughout the course of the day, Corbyn has again demonstrated his refusal to rise to the bait no matter how much the plotters, aided by the BBC and particularly Sky News, have endeavoured to provoke an exchange of insult and smear. Jeremy Corbyn has stated for months, even before the leadership election of last year, that he does not engage in exchanges of insults and prefers to debate the issues rather than personalities.

Owen Smith. "I am very radical"

This has frustrated and confounded Corbyn's critics throughout his campaign for the leadership last year and their frustration continues even now. Changing their tack from "Jeremy is a nice guy really" to embark upon a vicious and vile hate attack, orchestrated with the media and television, exposes these shallow creatures as the hypocrites and self centred degenerates they actually are.