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Friday, 1 July 2016

The PLP are in a predicament.

Owen Smith mulls Labour leadership challenge

Owen Smith

Angela Eagle announced yesterday (30th June), that she will delay her challenge for the leadership of the Labour party, to "Allow Jeremy more time to consider his position and resign". (Arrogance hardly describes this woman's attitude.)
It seems that the conspirators are meeting over the week end to discuss their next subterfuge as Owen Smith (who?) emerges as a possible challenger. It sounds very much like blunt knives scraping an empty barrel. The strategy of these treacherous hypocrites has been clear from the outset. Resign en-mass in a stage managed stream in the full glare of the (pre briefed) media, and Jeremy will resign within hours. They miscalculated the effect that this act of betrayal would have and within minutes, the leadership made it abundantly clear, that their strategy was to stand firm and fight saying that there was no intention to resign and if the conspirators wanted the leadership, they would have to mount a challenge in accordance with the party rules.
This appears to have thrown the plotters into some disarray, as their original strategy of being reliant on Corbyn resigning and handing them the leadership on a plate, was now dead in the water. They hurriedly threw out some options of challengers, with Tom Watson and Angela Eagle being considered as the most likely of their numbers to be best positioned to defeat Jeremy Corbyn in a leadership election. The question was which one? However, they continued to agitate for their preferred option of Corbyn resigning. Even this cobbled together strategy, disintegrated within 24 hours as Tom Watson declared that he would not stand, and after The Chair and Secretary of her Wallasey CLP wrote to Eagle expressing their backing for the leader and urging their MP to oppose the ‘motion of no confidence’ in Corbyn, her expected declaration for Thursday was delayed for at least 24 hours and later announcing that she would give Jeremy time over the weekend to "consider his position).

Having lost certainly one of their duplicitous members, and quite possibly both of their "leadership candidates" the PLP will now consider their next moves over the weekend, still hoping for a resignation but now reluctantly accepting that if they want the leadership they will have to fight an election campaign for it. Therein lies their dilemma. They may have many names to choose from, but which of those names could be a credible candidate rather be seen as a self serving opportunist, bathed in the stench of betrayal. It is reported but not confirmed, that the PLP will announce their intentions and the name of a challenger on Monday of next week. The latest name in the frame is Owen Smith MP for Pontypridd and former Shadow secretary for Work and Pensions. However, this in itself creates a problem within the PLP as Smith supporters battle with Eagle supporters for the position of challenger, even assuming that she is till prepared to stand without changing her mind over this next week end.

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The PLP are in a predicament. Time is running out for them to make a challenge. To further delay this phase of their plot will result in them losing all traces of their already fractured credibility and their claim of acting in the best interest of the Labour party will be seen as just hypocritical rhetoric.

They are still clinging to the hope that Jeremy Corbyn will resign, but that hope is diminishing rapidly.