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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Black Friday and probably Cyber Monday too, will be bigger than ever!

This year’s Black Friday will be the biggest yet 

Scrum down: Customers push each other out of the way as the crowd surges towards widescreen televisions at the Asda store in Wembley

Black Friday. Another American "event" imported to this country by shops and retail businesses driven by possibilities of making even more profits.Black Friday soon to be followed by Cyber Monday, yet another American phenomenon rather than "a UK tradition" as the Sun (who else) would have us believe, giving consumers the opportunity to purchase products at ridiculously reduced prices. The issue that I have with these two examples of business greed giving the public the likelihood of becoming involved in fist fights between the rows of shelves in Argos or a thousand and one other shops in the high street, and/or experiencing the trauma of websites crashing as customers try to purchase on line, is that both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not just 1 day events.
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I have nothing against the traditional "Sales" in the high street or on line which normally last for a couple of weeks and usually offer genuine bargains for consumers.However, these two now annual events, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, arise in the middle of November and continue at an ever increasing pace right through until Christmas Eve! It is questionable whether the "bargains" on offer, with perhaps a very few exceptions, are anything other than "lost leaders", heavily advertised with the intention to draw the consumer onto other product lines.

The row broke out as customers pounced on a fresh delivery of discount TVs, which arrived at the Bristol store just after midnight

I remain unconvinced by the hype surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Tuesday, and a little worried as to how the American influence is becoming even more prevalent in British society.A final thought on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday phenomenon. If it is possible to sell products at such low prices and yet still make contributions to a companies "bottom line", why are such products so expensive at other times of the year?