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Monday, 7 November 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 06 November 2016

Good morning everyone.

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It was very quiet in the village on Saturday night (Guy Fawkes night) apart from a few bangs and whizzes early in the evening. There used to be a village Bonfire party with the usual hot dogs, chestnuts and burgers as the bonfire blazed away surrounded by the villagers with the children and a quite small firework display to round off the evening. Much fun was had by all but the"Elf n' Safety" police imposed a number of "safety measures" a few years back and November the 5th certainly in our village, has never been the same since. Personally, as I said last week, I would prefer that only bona fide groups organising firework displays should be allowed to obtain the necessary pyrotechnics and all other sales in shops, supermarkets and stores would be stopped. Typical "Elf 'n Safety" logic. Prevent the organised displays but allow unsupervised parties to take place in peoples gardens.

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Reading the headlines on much of yesterdays (4th November High Court ruling on "Royal Prerogative), front pages, it crossed my mind how reminiscent they were to the hysterical rantings of The Sun in the 1980's and 1990's particularly during the "reign" of the now discredited editor Kelvin MacKenzie.
Perhaps this odious "journalist" has been cloned, and now numerous facsimiles of him are distributed amongst the editorial offices of the Telegraph, Mail, Express, and (of course), the Sun

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Practically as soon as we rid ourselves of one awful, repetitive, predictable "reality" show, full of "celebrities", manufactured controversy and scandals, we replace it with another awful, repetitive, predictable "reality" show, full of "celebrities", manufactured controversy and scandals. The difference is that the one coming to our screens consists entirely of "celebrities" eating bugs, or taking cold showers in the river in the jungle or suffering even greater indignities which usually involve reptiles, insects or immersion in some mud filled pool or even a combination of all possible options. Removing the spectacle of embarrassing celebrity contestants trying to dance (You are only allowed one lift or is it two, in the American Smooth Dahling) and replacing them with another collection of embarrassing celebrity contestants having hysterics or worse, as another box of cock roaches is tipped over their heads, is sadly indicative British television has been dumbed down over recent years with American inspired prime time television "entertainment". Come back "Opportunity Knocks!", or "Take your Pick" or "Sale of the Century" all is forgiven!

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St Aubin

The next issue of this circular, will come to you from St. Aubin a lovely little village with a small harbour on the South West corner of Jersey. We have just decided to have a few days away to "catch up" with a few special friends, enjoy some delicious food and watch the sea go by. Yes, even in November. Reservations are already made at our favourite restaurants (St Aubin has an abundance of excellent restaurants) and my meal for next Saturday is already selected. Crab and prawn cocktail followed by Coquille St Jacques Parisienne. My mouth is watering even now.

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The Met Office (sorry. I cant spell meteorological) is predicting long winter with sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow as the NHS launches a major campaign urging people with long-term health conditions and the over-65s (Hey! That’s me!) to take action in an effort to reduce the 25,000 extra deaths that occur each winter. It also encourages people, particularly those with long-term illnesses or mobility problems, to heat their homes to at least 18C (65F) and to check on friends and neighbours who may be vulnerable. It's a good job that we have our De Longhi heaters in place. Lets just hope that we do not have an Indian Summer next week!

Have a nice week