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Saturday, 19 November 2016

The government has a very perverted sense of values.

Buckingham Palace to undergo 'essential' £370m refurbishment

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Children In Need raised a record £46.6m last night (18/11/2016) all donated by viewers and/or fund raising events around the country.
The pledging or donations of that money was our choice.

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The government has pledged £370 million of tax payers (that is us) money to repair and refurbish one house in central London and did not even bother to ask us the question as to whether we agreed with the expenditure. The residents of that house, already receive substantial sums of money from the taxpayers (that is us again), in the form of benefits and "expenses" payments to supplement their already considerable private personal income from various sources, family fortunes and wealth accumulated and passed on over many centuries.
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The government however is unable or more likely unwilling, to fund or even contribute, to the refurbishment or repair of thousands of sub standard social houses around the country. Alternatively, the government is unable or more likely unwilling, to provide even temporary relief for the thousands of homeless people on the streets of London and a hundred other towns and cities around the country.

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There are other worthy areas where £370 million would be a welcome contribution to funding for a pressing need, but Conservative party teachings (added to individual aspirations for royal recognition for services rendered) determine that taxpayers money is better invested in refurbishing the London SW1A 1AA address, which is just one of their numerous residences spread around the United Kingdom.
When it comes to prioritising expenditure in these times of government imposed austerity, the administration has a very perverted sense of values.