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Sunday, 20 November 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 20 November 2016

Good morning everyone.

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We are now back in a wet and windy Dorset after a few days break in St Aubin, Jersey where it was also wet and windy (but only a couple of times). In addition to the trauma I mentioned last week regarding our experience of the transit bus between terminal building and aircraft, there is the equally traumatic story of car hire. The tale is of a Skoda Citigo which was defective and cost around £250.00 for around 18 hours hire. (The compensation debate continues) The full story (with photo,s !) can be seen at (copy and paste for link)

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The break was not a complete disaster however, apart perhaps from the mysterious throat/chest bug which struck down two of our friends and prevented them from eating with us on "the Big Day". The meal I had been looking forward to, the Crab and prawn cocktail followed by Coquille St Jacques Parisienne was a little disappointing as the cream and wine sauce on the Coquille St Jacques had too much salt, but a good glug of Chablis almost washed the taste away.

A couple of nights later, eating at another stunning St Aubin restaurant, (I mentioned before that St Aubin has an abundance of stunning restaurants) with another couple of special friends who had not succumbed to the throat/chest bug, we enjoyed a selection from the menu at the Seafish CafĂ© (highly recommended if you ever go to Jersey). Sandra assisted Alex with her Calamari assuring that the plate was cleared prior to the arrival of the next course. In turn, Alex assisted me with a delicious fruit filled Raspberry sorbet, which she said she had never tasted before, and after finding her a spoon, between us we managed to finished the bowl.
A lovely evening with lovely company.

Steve Back - an unreliable fantasist

Despicable "photo shopping", on the front page.
Has the Sun re employed Kelvin MacKenzie to spread his lies and outrageous "journalism" onto the pages of this odious rag? The Sun should be permanently shut down and consigned to the dustbin of history.

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Talking about dustbins, I am moved to comment on the latest shenanigans concerning President elect Trump, and the continuing procession of people seeking to link themselves with the next incumbent of the Whitehouse. Apart from the expected American names, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Rudy GiulianiReince Priebus and other strange sounding names there is the sinister John Bolton who seems to want to bomb everyone and bring "regime change" to practically every other country in the world. Add to this pot pourri of misfits and psychopaths the names of Nigel Ferage who seems to be offering himself as a link between London and Washington, and today's announcement that Tony Blair, yes Tony Blair, the schmoozing former Labour leader might be fishing for a role in Trump's team. Mind blowing!
( see

Lord Mayor's Banquet

The annual Lord Mayors Banquet for the usual assembled dignitaries took place in London on the 14th November. Sitting in gold chairs (some even nodding off after the meal) the guests listened to Prime Minister May, speaking about the dangers of the 'global elite' for 'ordinary people', Brexit and Donald Trump. The food and the £300 cost per bottle for the wine for this chamber full of hypocrites and hypocrite in chief May, did not come from the local Food-bank.
What became of any food left over (after these gannets had taken their fill) is not reported.
(For the menu see Copy and paste link)

The forecast is wet, windy and cold as "Angus" sweeps through.

Have a nice week