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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Independent and Sky News.Scurrilous and deliberately distorted to suit their own agenda

Labour could block Brexit by voting against Article 50 

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What a scurrilous and deliberately distorted headline, but indicative of this "newspaper" and its obsession to take every opportunity, no matter how tenuous the opportunity may be, to discredit the Labour party generally and Corbyn in particular. 

The Labour party will oppose any move to trigger Article 50 if the Government is unable to guarantee access to the single market. There is nothing wrong or even new with that. It is a perfectly legitimate position to state and is consistent with that already on record as being a Labour party "red line" in any "Brexit" agreement. The "Independent"s position on continued UK membership of the European Union is widely known as is their view of the recent High Court ruling preventing the government using "Royal Prerogative" to circumvent Parliament. The "Independent" and other newspapers have become desperate in their determination to expedite the commencement of Article 50 negotiations. It seem that the "Independent", and other sections of the media are terrified at the prospect that the British people may have changed their opinion since the referendum. 

Sky News have just jumped onto the bandwagon with the hysterical live report screaming that, "Jeremy Corbyn will vote against Brexit" only later in the report qualifying this with a brief comment that Labour has "red lines" for the Brexit agreement. Another part of the media with their own agenda.