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Friday, 25 November 2016

The dismantling of the Welfare State including the NHS has been Conservative ambition since 1947

Thatcher pushed for breakup of welfare state despite NHS pledge

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The duplicitous Thatcher together with Howe, Rifkind, Hurd, Tebbit and the other accomplices of the Thatcher governments, conspired in secret to destroy our Welfare sate and our National Health Service.

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As I have long argued, this has been the ambition and objective of the Conservative party since 1947 and has over those years, been surreptitiously advanced with piecemeal privatisations of numerous departments and functions of the welfare system and by closures of wards and hospitals where departments and departmental responsibilities have been gifted to the private sector, under the cloak of improving the service and saving money within our NHS. Today, this malevolent aspiration of the conservative party and their business supporters, circling like vultures waiting for their opportunity to swoop and pick over the remains, has become even more frenetic as the present government and the ConDem coalition before them, seek to destroy the very fabric of our country and the basis of a society that has been for the benefit of ordinary people since 1947. "From the cradle to the grave", was a vision for people in the 19th Century, a reality for people in the 20th Century and now faces the stark prospect of being destroyed in the 21st Century.
The difference between the governments of Thatcher, and now Cameron and more recently May, is that the Conservatives now feel emboldened enough to carry out this Philistine destruction in the open and to defy public opinion and the hostility of ordinary people, towards privatisation of these vital and cherished facets of our society which have been part of every day life for everyone for the last 70 years.

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Encouraged and supported by Atos, Virgin Care, G4S and a hundred other private companies all seeking to grab the more lucrative parts of our welfare and health services and thereby amass even more profits at the expense of ordinary people, the government now do in the open what Thatcher sought to do in the secrecy of the shadows in the cabinet room of 10 Downing Street.
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This is a 70 year old Conservative aspiration which we must resist and fight with every means at our disposal. We must never allow a return to the days when the sick, the children, the poor, the unemployed and other vulnerable sections of our society, were passed over and neglected, simply because they did not have the money or the means to obtain services or assistance or essential medications for their everyday needs. We must never allow a return to a 21st Century equivalent of The Poor laws or the Workhouses or any of the other features of a country driven by the greed and corruption of government and the pursuit of private business profits.
The fight is now in the open and we must rise to it.