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Saturday, 5 November 2016

In this instance, the "Enemies of the people" are the newspapers and those who control them.

A new low for UK newspapers: the most hysterical front-pages on the Brexit court ruling

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Reading the headlines on much of yesterdays front pages,it crossed my mind how reminiscent they were to the hysterical rantings of The Sun in the 1980's and 1990's particularly during the "reign" of the now discredited editor Kelvin MacKenzie.

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Kelvin MacKenzie
Perhaps this odious "journalist" has been cloned, and now numerous facsimiles of him are distributed amongst the editorial offices of the Telegraph, Mail, Express, and (of course), the Sun.These, and other "newspapers", either by accident or more probably design have intentionally taken hold of the wrong end of the stick and covered the "story" in layers of spin in order to suit their particular agenda on membership of the European Union.

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As I wrote yesterday, this is not a question of "Brexit" or "Remain". It is not even a question about the judiciary "interfering" with the democratic process of this country. The only question, is that of the the pre-eminence of Parliament and its members, and whether Parliament (Lords and Commons combined) can be circumvented and undermined by a small clique of MP's using the antiquated and now corrupted concession, of "Royal Prerogative" to push through legislation which they know will be problematic to enact should the matter be debated in the Commons and the Lords.
The High Court judges handed down the decision that the government could not use "Royal Prerogative" as the means to pass the necessary legislation and that the matter shall be debated by Parliament. A decision with which I completely agree.