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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Theresa May gives another pathetic performance during Prime Ministers Questions.

Jeremy Corbyn dominates Questions to the Prime Minister.

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There have been some pathetic performances from pathetic conservative Prime Ministers at PMQ's over the years. Theresa May rates as number 1 for pathetic performances which become even more pathetic each week. She is already, after less than 140 days occupying Number 10 as Prime Minister, receiving criticism and "advice" from cabinet and former cabinet ministers regarding her performance at the dispatch box and elsewhere and more importantly in respect of Brexit, Welfare reforms and the NHS to mention just three areas.

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The best advice that these ministers and former cabinet ministers can give to this increasing inept Prime Minister is to stand down, call for a General election and hold a conservative party leadership election. If only they had the backbone to act in the interest of country rather than self.