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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Syrian government forces make gains in Aleppo

Pro-Assad forces seize third of east Aleppo in rapid advance

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The battle for Aleppo, which has been raging since July 2012, as just one theatre of the Syrian Civil War, seems now to be drawing to a conclusion as Syrian government forces retake vital areas of the East and North East of the city making rapid advances into rebel held areas. Forces loyal to Bashar Al-Assad now control large areas of Syria's second city, having seized much of rebel held East Aleppo, meeting little resistance in their advance northwards.

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The Americans are of course furious. Furious because the rebels now taking huge reversals in Aleppo are the "good rebels" who have been supported and encouraged by America and Great Britain since the start of this civil war back in 2011. It has always been the American objective, supported by the United Kingdom governments of Cameron and now Theresa May, to remove Bashar Al-Assad and the government in Damascus and bring about regime change in Syria. The problem which "the west" has created for itself, is the plethora of "rebel" groups operating in the country, some created and supported by the west, with the objective of removing the Syrian government, some having the same ultimate objective but not supported by the west as they will not accept western influence in a post civil war Syria, most fighting against each other as well as the Syrian regime. Added to this potpourri of conflicting interest, is the continued presence of ISIS intent on creating an Islamic State in the whole of the middle east and is fighting all conflicting sides to achieve that objective.

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The Russians do not have any such difficulties in this complicated labyrinthine mess created and perpetuated by the western powers. They have one very clear, and very credible position. They support the Syrian government and will attack any and all rebels seeking to overthrow Bashar Al-Assad. The west remains intent on bringing about regime change in Syria and will no doubt over the coming months, redouble its efforts to create "no fly" zones over areas of Syria, increase logistic, financial and military support for the "good rebels", and to consolidate the ground it is rapidly losing to government forces.
In the meantime of course, it is the Syrian civilian population who bear the hardship of destruction of their towns and cities, the food shortages, the lack of medical supplies and medicines, the constant fear from the skies and the despair that comes from 6 years of civil war. The west can stop this conflict simply by ending their obsession with regime change (accepting the loss of face that this would involve) and work towards the defeat of all rebel factions including ISIS, opposed to the Syrian government.

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Without such a change of objective in Washington, the end of this tragic civil war seems to be a very distant prospect.