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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Families will lose more than £100 a week from the lower cap.

More than 300,000 children dragged into benefit cuts

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Theresa May claims that her government is a government for all the people and yet is determined to consign 300,000 children into child poverty. She is also determined to punish families by reducing the already low "benefits cap" and thereby ensuring that they become worse off by as much as £100 per week. Theresa May is prepared to preside over a massive increase in poverty and homelessness in this country in pursuit of the conservative dogma of austerity. This deplorable government accepts that poverty and hunger can be used as a weapon to punish and demonise ordinary people many of who find themselves in a vulnerable position due primarily to this conservative governments and the ConDem coalition before it policies, on welfare, employment and housing. Having "record numbers of people in employment" is a meaningless cliche (but popular with conservatives), when the numbers of people claimed in the "record numbers" in work are on Zero hours contracts or in part time employment.

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Theresa May is unashamedly dishonest when claiming her government is a government for all the people. It is and will remain the case, unless we unite and resist conservative plans, that her government is for a small section of our society, the few, at the expense of ordinary people, we the many.