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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The only "Olympic Legacy" is additional costs and mounting deb.

Mayor orders inquiry after cost of converting Olympic Stadium rises by £51m 

Image result for converting Olympic Stadium retractable seating
Installation of “retractable” seats as costs soar. 

There never was and never will be an "Olympic legacy", for any town or city in the United Kingdom. Except that is the continuing "legacy" of additional costs for maintenance, repairs, or as in this case, converting the Olympic Stadium to install retractable seating. The total cost of the stadium so far, is £752m, originally estimated to be £534 and which is taxpayer funded, in addition to the continual costs of maintaining or converting a number of other "white elephant" facilities around the country. The United kingdom is learning what other host nations in cities like Vancouver, Athens, Sydney and others have come to realise over the years. 
The whole idea of some tangible benefits for the British people extending for years to come, was a myth generated by government propaganda, (and others with vested interests),to justify £millions of expenditure of tax payers money to convince everybody that hosting the Olympic Games was "a good idea and good for Britain".
The massive expenditure does not "showcase" the host nation. It creates a millstone around the necks of the taxpayers for many years afterwards. The only "legacy" is a burden of debt and on going costs.