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Monday, 21 November 2016

The crisis is not only in Dorset.

Workers in Dorset face struggle with rents rising to more than a third of the average pay

The scandal of high rent charges is not just restricted to Dorset, but is a problem for most regions of the country. It is a problem brought about by successive governments since the 1950's taking a policy option of curtailing house building, particular in the social housing sector.
It is also an economic reality, that by restricting the supply of affordable housing, including those for rent in either the private or social housing sectors, the price level for housing generally is forced upward and held at artificially high levels as demand for homes increases. This has been particularly the case over the last twenty years and has become even more chronic over the last few years as house building generally has fallen to record low levels.

Image result for house building falls to all time low

The net result of this national scandal, is that today in this country, there are ten of thousands of people who will never be able to afford to have a home of their own either rented or owned as the price of accommodation is always just beyond their means.
In maintaining a deliberately high price level for both rented and private homes by restricting the amount of housing available, this government abdicates its responsibilities to the peoples expectations and right to adequate housing.
The solution to this problem is for the next government to commit to a house building programme of 1 million new homes, where 60% of such new homes would be social housing.

As a footnote to this blog post. There are some really nasty people in this world. One of them, hiding behind the anonymity of 3624360 as an identity in the "comments" section to Dorset Echo story, posted the following:

"Nobody of course has a right to live here. If you can't afford to live in this beautiful part of the country, you have two options.

a) get a job that pays more, this likely involves getting better qualified.
b) move somewhere else."

Spiteful, bigoted and vindictive and all behind the mask of anonymity.