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Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Clinton machine stitched up Bernie Sanders so the American people (and the rest of us) got Donald Trump.

Trump would have lost the election had Bernie Sanders been the candidate.

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Bernie Sanders was stitched up and removed from the Presidential Candidates selection process by the Clinton machine and by Clinton money. His subsequent endorsement of Clinton came as a surprise and even shock, to those who believed and still believe that he was the only Democrat who could beat Trump. Clinton represented the corrupt, hypocritical and dis credited character of American politics, offering nothing but more of the same, a continuation of the status quo, to millions of people who already felt excluded, left behind by the "American dream".
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Bernie Sanders offered a real change to politics in the United States, a change which would reach out to people to make them be part of society, to be included, to be part of, rather than just looking on and being unable to influence the events affecting their lives.
Sanders voiced the rejection of conventional politics and the continuation of the "accepted" circumstances. Unfortunately, for the American people, Donald Trump was also offering a change to meet the mood of rejection of the status quo and the demand for change to the system. With the removal of Sanders, the only voice of change was that of Donald Trump.
We shall never know whether or not Sanders would have beaten Trump, although it seems reasonable to believe that he would. The only irrefutable fact is that Clinton and her camp, and their obsessive determination to send her to the Whitehouse at any cost, has ensured that the people of the United States, and the rest of the world will have Donald Trump inflicted upon them for at least another four years.