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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Get rid of the superfluous packaging too.


Expiry date set for ‘best before’ labels


“Best before” labels on food could be scrapped


A good idea and not before time. The biggest problem however, is the inordinate amount of packaging on every product resulting in waste, expense and a recycling problem. Layer after layer of superfluous plastic, cellophane,tin foil and tissue, all adding to the cost of the product and polluting our waste bins.
Apart from food packaging, it seems fashionable amongst manufactures to wrap everything from Wilkinson Sword (and others) safety razors to soap and hand cream, in packaging which frequently requires the use of scissors or "Stanley knife" to gain access.

The wrapping on medication is also excessive,and can be dangerous, particularly where tinfoil is used to cover pills.As a regular user of prescribed drugs, I have frequently had to use a plaster where popping pills from the pack has resulted in cuts to hand or fingers.
Removing the “Best before” labeling is a step in the right direction. Now just get rid of the packaging.