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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Prince Charles and Hillary Clinton are not "historians".


Prince Charles 'compared Putin to Hitler'


Considering the education (at our expense of course), which this extensively privileged heir to the throne has received, it is worrying to note that when it comes to history, his knowledge is on a par with that of Hilary Clinton, who made the same (erroneous) comparison in March of this year ( ).
To compare the German invasion of the USSR in June 1941 and particularly the Wehrmacht advances into Ukraine, with the events of the last few months is a spurious distortion of reality which either by accident or design, completely ignores the diametrically opposed motivations of Hitler and Putin,  and moreover the desires and aspirations of the people of Ukraine and Crimea in 1941 and in 2014. Incidentally, even before the German invasion, battalions were set up and trained as Ukrainian battalions in the Wehrmacht, and were part of the initial invading force, a fact conveniently overlooked by those eager to characterise Putin as the evil "bogey man".
Excursions into the political arena are not uncommon with the Prince of Wales, and like his father, he has a penchant for producing  the frequent gaffe. No doubt the comparison between Hitler and Putin will be endorsed and repeated by some media outlets and by  many politicians, albeit with a passing comment that the "royals" should not be interfering in politics.
The fact remains that if Charles wishes to be part of the debate, he should at least be historically accurate. Personally, I would prefer that he permanently withdraw from public life and retire to tend his roses or whatever in some corner of his garden.