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Thursday, 29 May 2014

The former "main parties" still ignore reality

Yvette Cooper: 'Labour Will Not Imitate Ukip On Immigration'

Yvette Cooper


It is staggering to see yet again, how politicians in this case Labour, seek to over simplify and reduce complex circumstances to just one issue. Their failure to recognise and address what is actually happening is a symptom of all that is wrong with British politics and demonstrates that either by accident, or more likely by design, they are unable to accept that their constant repetition of previous failed policies and meaningless cliches, is no longer, if it ever was, acceptable to people in this country.
The success of UKIP at the polls last week is not only about immigration, as Yvette Cooper, and many other politicians from the former main parties would have you believe. In fact their constant harping on about the "immigration issue" is both patronising and insulting to the people who voted on the 22nd May.
In a previous article I wrote, " The British people will no longer tolerate the political status quo, where a policy from one party sounds very much like a policy from another party, where the excesses of banks and private industries are frowned upon but remain unchecked, where cuts to public finances and services, particularly in the NHS effect peoples lives on a daily basis and where the dictates of Europe on immigration, working practices, cross border controls, even closer integration and one thousand and one other measures are accepted without challenge or protest"
The former "main parties" must grasp the fact that it is not just about immigration.