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Friday, 30 May 2014

Labour offers "No change"

Future Labour Government will not undo Coalition Government Cuts 




Ed Miliband And Ed Balls

Labour will not undo ConDem Coalition cuts. Labour have not undone Tory anti trade union legislation. Labour will not  restore the real reductions in pensions, nor will they reverse the increases in taxation for working people imposed at the same time as reductions in taxes for millionaire. The Labour party will not restore essential public services, energy, water, railways to public ownership and prevent the excesses of privatised industries and their profiteering at the expense of their customers and the country. The Labour party will not commence a programme of house building, particularly in the social housing sector, to address the chronic and shameful housing shortage in this country.
This is not the Labour party of which I was a member for many years.Labour has deserted its traditional values, in social justice, in protection of workers rights, in curbing the excesses of businesses and industry and it has even descended to voting with the Condem coalition or abstaining on votes crucial to sections of our society.
It is difficult if not impossible, to see what in fact, Labour would do in the event that they were elected to govern in 2015, other than continue with the disastrous policies of this ConDem coalition and their drive for austerity, which have benefited no one except the rich and big businesses at the expense of the ordinary people of this country.
If all parties are the same, and UKIP are even further to the right, there is little point in voting at all.