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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Bring back British Rail !

What a good idea!

. Bring back British Rail!

"The train companies receive huge sums of taxpayers money in the form of grants every year. The train companies receive huge sums of money in the form of ticket charges, and every year inflate this ticket revenue with fare increases way above inflation levels. Every year, the train company "bosses" siphon off a large portion of this income to pay themselves six figure salaries and bonuses and to provide large dividends to their "investors". The rest of this taxpayer funded (one way or another) income is explained as being necessary for "investment projects" on the rail network.
The only purpose of the privatisation of British Rail was to provide a bottomless pit of income for private companies and investors. It had nothing to do with "improving services and driving down costs" nothing to do with "providing value and saving money for the taxpayer" and it had nothing to do with providing the levels of investment necessary to produce the best and most efficient train service in Europe, if not the world. The reality is that services have declined, fares have been allowed to forge ahead and standards have fallen dramatically.
The British public were deceived by a fairytale promising long term benefits at the time when British Rail was sold off at knock down prices and have been paying through the nose for it ever since.
There are certain services and utilities which are too valuable to this country and its people, to be left to the vagaries of private enterprise. The entire rail network and associated rolling stock is one such service. There is a compelling argument and justification for the management administration and the associated hangers on to be removed, and the whole operation to be returned to public ownership."

From 3rd January 2014: 
Railways are too valuable to society to be left to the vagaries of private enterprise.