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Friday, 16 May 2014

The "Vote No" camp is becoming desperate.

David Cameron promises 'best of both worlds' if Scots reject 'Yes' campaign

David Cameron promises more devolution if Scotland votes "No"
 “Scotland knows it has a good level of devolution already and would have the opportunity for more devolution in the event of a No vote.”

As the time of the referendum draws nearer, the "Vote No" campaign seems to be reaching new levels of desperation in their attempts to bribe, blackmail, cajole or otherwise persuade the Scottish people to remain as part of the United Kingdom.
Public opinion, certainly as reflected in the opinion polls, seems to be moving in the direction of voting for independence resulting in almost panic responses from the establishments of the major parties and their remaining supporters in the media.
With only some 18 weeks to go until polling day, the rhetoric and hysterical agitations of the "No camp" and its (seemingly) dwindling supporters will clearly intensify.