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Thursday, 8 May 2014

The negative way of todays politics.

Labour Party election video mocks Nick Clegg 


The "Nick Clegg joke"

Yesterday, (Guardian. 7th May 2014),  I commented on how negativity is now the way of British politics following the awful Lib Dem election broadcast of the previous evening.
Within the post, I included the comment that,
The whole broadcast reinforced my view that politics today is more and more like the American model where only negativity, innuendo and slur against the other parties, candidates or policies are given.
Last night's election broadcast by the Labour Party, (the party I represented at local level, campaigned for and held office in for a number of years, before anyone suggests that I am a "Tory Troll"), was the most pathetic and negative election broadcast that I have ever seen. Even worse, if that is possible, than the Lib Dem broadcast of the night before. Not once during the whole wretched spectacle, was anything other than a miserable stream of "jokes" about Clegg and his position, relative to the Tory cabinet, presented to the viewer as reasons to vote Labour, a message which in fact only became clear in the last frame of the screening. It was not even funny.

Negativity not even funny

No mention of Labour policies on employment, health, the economy or any of the other one thousand and one other issues that are important to the people of this country. The negative seems to be far more important than presenting clear alternatives as reasons why a voter should vote for a particular party. I ended yesterdays post with the words,
It is little wonder that people generally are disillusioned with politics and politicians as it seems that none of them have anything positive to say about their own positions or policies.

Last night's Labour broadcast, has reinforced that opinion.