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Thursday, 22 May 2014

American "Aegis" missile system to be on installed Russia's doorstep.

US test-fires Aegis missile defence system destined for Europe

A previous test of the Aegis missile defence system, a version of which is to be stationed in Europe by the US and Nato
 Aegis missile defence system, which is to be stationed in Europe by the US and Nato

This is the latest technology missile system which the United States (in its NATO identity) plans to install in Europe. Or, more specifically, in the former Warsaw pact countries, which now are part of the NATO alliance and include Czech Republic,Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, etc.etc.
It is an "open top secret" that some of these countries already have American missiles based withing their borders and replacing them with the latest equipment together with installing missiles in the other member states, is the current objective. The addition of Ukraine into NATO is, and remains, a prime American goal. It is hardly surprising that the events over the past months in Ukraine and Crimea, have generated such hysterical reactions from Washington and (never straying too far from the American lead) Downing Street. The indisputable fact that the West, encouraged and now supports a coup against a democratically elected President (a situation which is not unusual for the United States), is conveniently disregarded.
Distortion, black propaganda, fabrication and half truth have littered the Wests justification for a series of sanctions (so far apparently, ineffective sanctions) against Russia generally and the Putin circle in particular.
Having the missiles of a hostile nation installed in countries all along its western and southern borders, is a situation which no government would easily accept. In this respect, Russia is no exception.