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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

In Pretoria the trial continues.

Oscar Pistorius denies trying to intimidate Reeva Steenkamp's friend


This "trial" seems to be turning into pure theatricals complete with endless ramblings from the defence lawyer and "testimony" from numerous witnesses which never seems to answer the question put. I wait in vain for one or other of the legal teams to leap to their feet raising objections or suggesting that the witness is being "led" .



Everyone, including "My Laydee" appears to be bored stiff with the whole procedure, and Sky News "special reports" repeated every few hours, adds nothing to the sum total of knowledge. As the "trial" is covered (ad nauseam) by the majority of "news" channels it is virtually impossible to avoid seeing some coverage every day.
It will be a blessing when the whole wretched piece of theater is over.

The trial continues