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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

What he actually meant was, leaving the EU would be contrary to the interests of Tony Blair.

Leaving the EU would be a "massive step backwards and totally contrary to the proper interests of the country", Tony Blair.

Tony Blair tells Milliband to stand firm

He urged Labour and other parties not to ape UKIP's stance on Europe and immigration and said Ed Miliband must "stay firm" on his pledge not to hold a EU referendum unless more powers go to Brussels.

It seems that the media, particularly the BBC, are obsessed with the opinions, comments or other forms of contribution from Blair.
No matter what the subject, it just happens this time to be UKIP and Europe, this war criminal, liar  self serving, and self opinionated hypocrite, is trotted out into the media limelight to offer his "gospel according to Blair" vision of reality. The "revealed truth" from the man who took this country to war on the basis of a conspiracy of lies cobbled together in collaboration with Bush, destroyed the Labour party in his quest for personal advancement, and has made £millions seeking to perpetuate and advance his own personae on the world stage.
The media may be intoxicated with the "Blair brand" but, i would suggest that there are many of the British people who are not.His opinions are unwanted and tinged with more than a hint of hypocrisy.