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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Blair retains his ambition to be the President of a United States of Europe.

 The Saviour of Europe?


Tony Blair.

Tony Blair, the former prime minister has apparently announced he is looking for a prominent pan-European role in the fight against euroscepticism.


Blair has always wanted to be the first president of a "United States of Europe". His personal ambitions and arrogant conceit, destroyed the Labour Party in the United Kingdom, took this country in to (at least) one illegal war, betrayed colleagues and friends in government and party and has shown bias towards Israel in his dealings as "Middle East Peace Envoy". His credibility lies in tatters and he now offers advice (or as he would prefer, instructions) to the people of this country on membership of and its relationship with,the European Union. Blair's "advice", as with his perception of history, should be treated as self serving rhetoric, designed to promote Blair and his egotistical vision of his desired role on the world stage.
His ego extends even into religion, with his "I am good at absorbing others' pain" comment, back in October last year. A Blair quote which speaks volumes for the mental state of this warmongering megalomaniac. He now sees himself as some form of deity as well as all the other incarnations he has assumed over the years. Perhaps we may even see a "Pope Blair 1st" in the future.