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Friday, 16 May 2014

What and who is the real threat?

 Iran Pursues Ballistic Missile Work, U.N. Report Says

Iran pursues ballistic missile work
Why should Iran not build a missile system? A country which has never attacked any other country, is threatened by countries which have a history of attacking other nations.
Iran was attacked by Iraq (Saddam Hussein) with substantial American military and economic support and encouragement, has for many years been threatened by Israel and other "western democracies", all of which posses huge arsenals of missiles and nuclear warheads.
It seems that only "the west" and those countries with regimes of whom the west approves, are permitted to have missiles, nuclear weapons, conventional armaments in any quantity, nuclear power or laboratories to research nuclear power or any other facilities considered as modern technology. Any government of which the west does not approve is automatically deemed to be hostile, terrorist and a threat to everyone. The arrogance of "the West" is breath taking, sinister and is the real threat to anyone not prepared to blindly accept their instructions.