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Saturday, 10 May 2014

More medical staff is one answer, not more layers of "management".

New NHS guidelines propose maximum of eight patients to one nurse to prevent dangerous understaffing

Nurses on a ward
Safe nursing levels recommended


Hospitals need thousands of extra nurses 'or patients' safety will be at risk'

More confirmation of what many of us have been saying for years.
The cuts imposed by this ConDem coalition, are decimating the NHS and not only in staffing levels for nurses. The whole structure is being systematically dismantled, in preparation for selling to Tory "friends" in the private sector.
Successive governments have contributed to various degrees, to the decline in the NHS and have perpetuated the fallacy that more levels of "management" producing their graphs, charts, statistics and medical prioritisations, are far more important than increasing the numbers of doctors and nurses providing medical care for the patients.
Many politicians, from all sides of the political spectrum, some by accident and some by design, are destroying our NHS and we seem powerless to stop them.