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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Bring the rail network back into public ownership.


Bring rail under state's control to win back power


Renationalisation of the rail network.


"Bring the rail network back into national ownership if Labour wins the next election"
A very good idea and a step in the right direction.
The problem of course is that today's Labour Party, at least the leadership and the hierarchy of the party, lack the political will to take the necessary steps to bring about the return of this asset to public ownership.
There are some industries which are far too important to society to be left to the vagaries of private enterprise. Privatisation has failed and penalised the consumer, the tax payer and the public in all of the industries privatised to date. For complete failure, we need look no further than British Rail. For exploitation of the consumers, Water, Gas and electricity, Telecoms and BP to mention just a few. For "ripping off" the taxpayers we need only to remember privatising the banks (with no resulting public control) and perhaps the greatest and latest rip off the privatisation at a give away price of Royal Mail, the most recent theft of public assets.
Bringing the railways back into public ownership will not be popular with some sectors of industry or with some parts of the voting public, but that does not mean that the proposal is wrong.