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Monday, 12 May 2014

Tens of thousands vote in regional referendum

Referendum on 'self-rule' in eastern regions

A woman at a polling station in Bakhchisaray ...

The western powers, the media, Hague, Kerry, Merkel, and the rest, perpetuate the hypocrisy of their almost hysterical rhetoric with constant references to the "referendum" being illegal and having no credibility. Their support for Kiev, demonstrates how the "International Community" will go to any lengths, will conveniently ignore fact and will resort to distortion and black propaganda to advance their objective of making Ukraine, part of NATO. That remains and has always been the goal.
The fact remains that no matter how much the western powers, the media, the camp followers of the United States and United kingdom may try to convince the world otherwise, "The government in Kiev" is no more than a junta of dubious politicians and paramilitary opportunists who overthrew a democratically elected President in their drive to become even more integrated into the European Union and the American dominated NATO alliance. Whether president Viktor  Yanukovych was or was not the villain that the coup leaders used as a reason for their take over is neither here nor there. The fact is that he was democratically elected by the people of Ukraine and as such should only be removed through the ballot box.
Recent history has clearly shown how a coup leading to oppression and rigged "elections" will be supported and encouraged by the west, especially when the the new regime is prepared to follow the American lead. This is the case as amply proven in Egypt over the past two years. The circumstances in Ukraine follow a similar pattern.
The referendum in Eastern Ukraine may have not been all that could be desired from such a vote, but it cannot be disputed that the "result" indicates that a significant number of people in the eastern areas of the country regard  "The government in Kiev" as the result of an illegal coup and a body without   legitimate status.