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Sunday, 26 July 2015

MP John Mann oversteps the mark as he urges Harriet Harman to suspend the Labour leadership election

Labour leadership race should be halted over 'infiltrators', MP John Mann says

John Mann. MP for Bassetlaw

John Mann urges Harriet Harman to suspend the Labour Leadership contest, due to "infiltrators" affecting the outcome.
What the member for Bassetlaw actually means is that because his preference for the leadership of the party is likely to be beaten in the election, the goalposts should be moved to ensure a more acceptable outcome at some leadership election in the future. In this objective, he joins a group of other MP's who are desperately seeking to prevent Jeremy Corbyn from becoming leader. The other conspirators in this odious plot of innuendo and smear, skulk in the shadows making noises, but who hide behind a cloak of anonymity, too cowardly to reveal their identities and true motives.
It is indeed ironic, that the "Blairites" and other factions of the Labour right, brought in a new voting system for election of the leader, in an attempt to stifle or at least curb "the influence of the Unions" in Labour party policy and  leadership elections. Under the banner of making the party "more democratic" by giving every member some influence with the "one member, one vote" reform, it was envisaged that their old enemy of "the Left", would be permanently isolated and rendered incapable of mounting any challenge to the historic position of power within the party and its structure that the right has enjoyed for many years.
In this it seems, that their strategy has been severely dented, if not completely destroyed as a surge of popular support for the "outsider" has confirmed that the wider party membership has become completely disillusioned with the present leadership and the never ending drift of the majority (but thank heavens not all) of the Parliamentary Labour Party into supporting the Conservative government, or abstaining on crucial votes.

Harriet Harman MP. Interim Labour leader, urged to postpone leadership election.

Mann has now publicly joined the hysterical campaign of smear, innuendo and lies raging in the media and television as well as elements in the PLP,  but in calling for the election to be postponed, he has overstepped the mark of what is or is not acceptable in the cut and thrust of political argument.
Harman should publicly and loudly reject the call for suspending the election process and should censure Mann for even suggesting it. Should the election be postponed it will ensure a split within the labour party which will be bitter,acrimonious and permanent.