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Friday, 24 July 2015

David Milliband, Blairite former Foreign Secretary, throws his support behind Liz Kendall

The former Foreign Secretary appeals to Labour not to vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

Former Foreign Secretary David Miliband

Milliband Major emerges from his self inflicted exile in New York as  President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee to reveal to the waiting throng how he believes that the Labour party needs "new ideas" and drops the broadest hint that members should vote for Liz Kendal, the Blairite candidate. Now there is a surprise.

Liz Kendall; Trailing in 4th place in the leadership race.

Milliband Major's thinly veiled criticism if not hostility towards Jeremy Corbyn should also not surprise anyone, who will remember how this Blair camp follower and sycophantic admirer of the "Blair legacy" was rejected by Labour in favour of his brother Milliband Minor. The elder of the two, never really came to terms with his loss and stalked off to the United States, still smarting and in a fit of pique which is still clearly evident now.
What is truly noticeable, is how the party  right and ultra right Blairites are combining in their hostility towards Jeremy Corbyn and are trotting out the "old guard" to rubbish and discredit the candidate whom they all fear. The media and television are of course rubbing their hands with glee at the sight and sound of the old warriors relishing once more in
the limelight of media attention as they sing out the praises of their preferred candidate.
It is as though living through a rerun of the 1980's where the right of the Labour party were  hysterical in their desperate efforts to ensure that their people retained the grip on the reins of power at the expense of principle and integrity. They failed in that ignoble objective then, and subsequently departed to form another party. History has a habit of repeating itself