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Thursday, 23 July 2015

A hotbed of intrigue, self interest and hypocrisy.

  Kendall, Umunna and Cooper would not serve in Jeremy Corbyn shadow cabinet

The Parliamentary Labour party, (the Labour MP's),is a hotbed of intrigue, self interest and hypocrisy. Only Jeremy Corbyn and it seems 47 other MP's had the consistency and integrity to vote against the recent Conservative Welfare reform and work bill, while the rest cowered behind a mealymouthed amendment and then sat on their hands on the substantive motion, thus ensuring that the bill was passed to the next stage in its progression through Parliament.
It is this "rocking the Parliamentary boat", which petrifies the majority of the PLP. For far too long the MP's of the Labour party have pursued policies which they mistakenly consider as being popular with the public, in order to retain their seats. The last general election proved how wrong these misguided individuals have become in the comfort of the green leather benches. The Labour party was decimated in Scotland by a party which opposed austerity and placed the interests of ordinary people above those of the vested interests of business and corporations. The Labour party was beaten in the rest of the United Kingdom by UKIP and the Green Party (albeit that our distorted electoral system did not reflect this in the number of seats won) opposed to austerity and appealing to the traditional base of Labour voters amongst ordinary people.
This in itself, should have proved to the Labour party MP's that they were offering the wrong message and under the wrong leadership. However, they seem determined to continue their petulant rejection of any candidate or group which seeks to reconnect with the people of this country, and stubbornly refuse to accept the evidence to the contrary. Unfortunately for them, the new voting procedure of "One member one vote" to be used for the first time in this leadership election, could produce the very result which they dread.

The result which could produce a leader who is not "the same as all the others" and places integrity and principle as a platform for political argument and policy.
It seems that the "old guard" with their heads firmly in the sand, may have misjudged the ambitions of the new and old members of the Labour party as they misjudged the inclinations and intentions of the electorate on and prior to May 7th 2015.
Cooper, Burnham, Kendall and the rest and the media and television who support them, seek to cling on to the status quo with insults, threats and misrepresentation towards their opponents. It may well be that they will succeed in their scheming intrigues, but the party and the public will not forgive or forget.