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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Giving crdeibility to a scurrilous distraction shows a naive personality.

Harriet Harman: we are weeding out bogus Labour leadership voters

Harriet Harman: A very naive personality

How far will the present leadership go to appease an hysterical media and television campaign to discredit and undermine the election process?
Harman has fallen into the trap engineered by elements on the right and has demonstrated a very naive personality. To even acknowledge the "infiltration" distraction and then to give it credence by defending "the integrity of her party’s leadership election system", evidences the extent to which the Blairites and the right, emboldened by the media and Tory supporters, are prepared to sink in order to achieve the election of their preferred candidate. The electorate will never vote for a party which offers the same policies as the Conservatives, but with a different coloured wrapping. The Labour commitment to more austerity but of a different shape was rejected at the last election and at the one before. To go into another period until the next election of Labour trotting out the same old faces offering the same old policies is exactly what the Conservatives and their city and financial masters are dreaming of. Conservative government for the foreseeable future. 
They and the media who support them are petrified of the possibility of Jeremy Corbyn winning the leadership contest. Harman has, with today's intervention, given some small grain of hope to the rabid right. She should immediately declare that the election will proceed as planned, no matter what the opponents may say or do. Show some guts Harriet and lead.