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Friday, 17 July 2015

"Senior Party figures" prefer the comfort of the status quo

Senior party figures forecast doom after Jeremy Corbyn surge

The "Senior party figures" referred to in this article, are the very same people who have driven the Labour party into a rump opposition, where they are likely to remain for the foreseeable future. The reason for their doom and gloom forecast for party fortunes in the event of a Corbyn win are blatantly obvious. The "Senior party figures", predominately from "safe" Labour constituencies, have become too complacent and too comfortable with their positions in the commons, their inflated salaries (soon to increase by another 10%), their bottomless pit of taxpayers money there it seems purely to satisfy their insatiable appetite for the perks of the "expenses claim" scams and the prospect of someone "rocking their boat" is too awful to contemplate. The "status quo" is always the most comfortable position. The fact that they offer the same or very broadly similar policy options to the Conservative, Liberal Democrat or other traditional Westminster bubble options is of little consequence.
As someone once said, these "Senior party figures" have sat for too long in one place for any good that they have been doing.
It may well be that the media, television, Labour party establishment of the Blairite wing and the incessant smearing of the Tory press, may stop Jeremy Corbyn becoming the next leader of the Labour party. However, the stench of the machinations against him are already souring the election process.