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Monday, 13 July 2015

Financial terrorism from Brussels. You will capitulate to our demands or we shall crush you.

Greece and eurozone reach agreement in bailout talks

How nauseating it is that the media and television, particularly Sky News, should be so triumphant in their reportage of the Brussels "agreement" while basking in the apparent "capitulation of Tsipras and the left wing Greek government".
The "conquest" by the Troika, Brussels and the European Central Bank has achieved a deal (which is yet to be ratified by the governments of the signatory governments) only to start negotiations for another bail out of the Greek economy, which includes privatisations, pension reforms, and other austerity measures dictated to the Greek people by Brussels.
The bottom line of this "agreement" is of course, that the bullies of Brussels have achieved by threat, blackmail and financial terrorism, the imposition of measures which by any understanding are only to the benefit of the banks of Greece, European speculators and the financial institutions of Brussels. The ordinary people of Greece are as usual, sacrificed on the altar of capitalism. The message which Brussels is sending to the world, says "Forget any trace of democracy. You will capitulate to our demands or we shall crush you and any resistance to us."
The media may gloat in the Pyrrhic victory of the IMF, Brussels Merkel cartel, demonstrating that it is finance not people that is by far, the most important factor in today's world.