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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The fear and dismay of media and television at the prospect of Corbyn winning Labour leadership.

 Jeremy Corbyn set to win Labour leadership contest, poll finds

The media and television, are becoming hysterical in their "Stop Corbyn" campaign of bitterness and acrimony. Perhaps this is a sign of the growing support amongst Labour supporters and the thousands of people who have joined or rejoined the party since Jeremy Corbyn announced his candidacy.

More of the same

It is not difficult to understand this support when the other three candidate offer the same or broadly similar platforms and more alarmingly, propose the same policies as those of the Conservatives, but with a different colour wrapping paper. The people of this country deserve and demand an alternative political perspective to the current all essentially the same programmes, as those on offer from the present "mainstream" parties in the Westminster club.
Perhaps it is this, that generates such fear and dismay within the editorial offices and the newsrooms of press and television. Corbyn has struck a chord with large sections of the public and the membership of the Labour party. It is not too soon for principle and integrity to replace opportunism and duplicity both within the Labour party and in the country.