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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Pressure group "Labour First" pleads for party members to vote against Jeremy Corbyn.

 Labour pressure group urges vote against Jeremy Corbyn



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Jeremy Corbyn





Labour First Group secretary Luke Akehurst

Luke Akehurst is a typical example of the rotten rump within the Labour Party who, despite all the evidence to the contrary, clings to the delusion that Labour should seek the mythical so called "centre ground" in order to achieve electoral success. The fallacy of this belief is amply demonstrated in the decline in membership of the Labour Party over recent years, and perhaps more importantly, in the way that the electorate have chosen to vote for other parties at elections. It is glaringly obvious, that when the traditional parties, Labour, Conservative and even Liberal Democrats are offering essentially the same policy options but in different wrapping paper, people will vote, if they vote at all, for that party which they consider to be the most credible option to deliver the manifesto promises at the last general election, voters deserted the Labour Party in droves, turning to either the UKIP candidates south of the border, or the SNP in Scotland. Both parties opposed to austerity and appealing to working people. Labour on the other hand, offered more austerity, albeit that the timescale for implementation was longer than the Tories, and did not propose any rolling back of the divisive legislation, implemented over previous years by the ConDem coalition. The PLP even supported the government in passing cuts and thereby destroying the last shreds of their credibility.
It was not a case of Labour failing to get their policies across to the electorate. It was, even before polling day, glaring apparent that the policies were wrong !
Akehurst, and those who subscribe to his warped view of reality, will consign the Labour party to years of dwindling numbers and even less electoral success. People are completely disillusioned with a Labour party which peddles the line which says "we have a set of policies and beliefs, but we will change them as others change their underwear, if you will vote for us".
Political prostitution is very ugly.